Officer Who Arrested Assemblyman Paul Moriarty for DWI Gets Indicted

Officer Who Arrested Assemblyman Paul Moriarty DWI Gets Indicted

paul moriartyWashington Township Officer Joseph DiBuonaventura, who arrested Assemblyman Paul Moriarty for DWI last year, was indicted on 14 separate charges on May 1, 2013. According to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, DiBuonaventura has been charged with 3 counts of tampering with records, 3 counts of false swearing, 3 counts of falsifying records and 5 counts of official misconduct. The charges came after Assemblyman Moriarty brought 27 criminal complaints against DiBuonaventura, claiming that he was targeted and falsely arrested.

Assemblyman Moriarty stated in a release from his office, “I’ve said from the very first day that I did nothing wrong, this was an abuse of power, that I was hunted down, targeted and deprived of my civil rights, and I think that today the grand jury has validated what I’ve been saying all along“. DiBuonaventura is currently on suspension from the department without pay until his charges are resolved. If found guilty though, Dibuonaventura could face 5-10 years in prison for each count of official misconduct. Officer Dibuonaventura has been suspended once before after lying in an internal affairs investigation and was terminated from his job before a judge ordered that he be reinstated. Assemblyman Paul Moriarty said he just wants the case to be resolved and added, “I just want to see that justice is truly served, that this is adjudicated properly and my good name is restored, because I did nothing that day. On behalf of anyone who’s ever been falsely accused, abused, or harassed, we’re going to keep fighting“.

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