Odd Collection from the Police Blotter

Palmyra, Pennsylvania – James Myers, 56, has pledged not to drink and drive. Never again he said. The only thing was that he made that proclamation while being sentenced to state prison for his 18th DUI conviction. "I definitely learned my lesson through this whole process," said Myers.

Ladoga, Indiana – Ronald Richardson, 46, was charged with driving while intoxicated ( DWI ), along with several other offenses, after driving through a ditch, launching his car into the air, landing on a gas pump, starting a blazing inferno and finally blasting through the wall of a convenience store. Four customers and three workers were unharmed though two vehicles were burned in the parking lot. A convenience store employee said the crash "reminded me of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard."

Seattle, Washington – A drunk driver killed himself and his passenger after crashing into Puget Sound at an estimated 100 miles per hour. Now it has been disclosed that the driver, Roy Espiritu, 17, advocated alcohol consumption on his MySpace site. He listed his interests as alcohol, beer, booze, hard liquor, spirits and wine. He further wrote "Don’t Drink n Drive – Drive n Drink.

Selden, New York – Robert DeRosa, 51, was arrested for DWI after he appearing drunk at a police station. DeRosa drove to the station at 1:45 am to check on a friend who had been arrested for DWI earlier the same day.

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