Odd Collection from the Police Blotter II

Niskayuna, New York – We wrote in last weeks’ ‘Shorts’ about the drunk driving arrest of Robert Werner, an officer with the Niskayuna Police Department. Well, he was charged with a second DWI after wrecking his vehicle. He initially had been suspended without pay for 30 days and allowed to return to work. Following the new DWI charges town officials "are not sure what they are going to do now."

Brighton Township, Michigan – Speaking of repeat performances, a Michigan woman was arrested for DWI twice in 26 hours. And she has a total of three DWI arrests in six weeks. In the latest incident Robin Brashears, 41, said she was on her way to an AA meeting and ran a red light because she "didn’t want to be late." Her blood alcohol content was 0.273 or more than three times the legal limit.

Baden, Pennsylvania – Following the lead of the two New York brothers who were charged with DWI after crashing into each other, two Pennsylvania cousins were arrested for DWI on the same night, on the same street, and by the same police officer. Amy Stead, 27, was charged with DWI around 1:00 am on Rotteck Street. Two and a half hours later Michelle Stead, 27, was also arrested for DWI on Rotteck Street. Police are unsure as to whether the cousins had been together that evening.

Redwood City, California – A Menlo Park man crashed his car into a tree while trying to exit US Highway 101 around 2:45 in the morning. Rigoberto Rodriguez suffered a broken ankle but still managed to run 500 feet in an attempt to avoid being arrested for DWI. He was found hiding in a small closet at a nearby International House of Pancakes restaurant. Rodriguez’ passenger, Oscar Mata, sustained a broken wrist and numerous lacerations and was found 300 feet from the crash scene.

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