North Dakota First Time DUI Offenders Could Face Jail

North Dakota First Time DUI Offenders Could Face Jail

north dakota lawState Officials in North Dakota are planning to introduce new legislation concerning the severity of penalties for first time DUI offenders. Throughout the years, states all over the country have been pushing for stricter DUI laws in an effort to decrease DUI related fatalities and arrests. Now, North Dakota lawmakers are considering joining 15 other states that require first time DUI offenders to serve jail time. The push for stricter DUI laws comes in the aftermath of a fatal crash that killed 3 members of a family in West Fargo.

Aaron and Allison Deutscher, along with their 18-month old baby were killed when a drunk driver traveling the wrong way on I-94 struck their SUV near Jamestown. The drunk driver in the accident had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level that was more than 3 times the legal limit. Allison Deutscher’s father, Lynn Mickelson has been heavily involved in the push for these stricter laws and believes he owe’s it to his family to do so. The states new legislation would also call for harsher penalties for repeat DUI offenders.

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