New Utah DUI Law Calls for Vehicle Seizure

The Utah legislature recently passed measures that dramatically changed access to liquor in the state. Now bars are not required to operate as private clubs and restaurants will be able to serve drinks. Due to more relaxed availability of alcohol, some lawmakers saw the need to strengthen laws dealing with driving under the influence in Utah.

A new law set to take effect today calls for the seizure of vehicles used by repeat DUI offenders. The bill is not retroactive, so only those convicted of felony DUI after May 12 who have their driver’s license suspended and are subsequently re-arrested and convicted of another drunk driving offense on a suspended license are subject to losing their vehicle. Provisions are in place to address vehicles that have been loaned to the drunk driver, protect those who have financed the vehicle and are owed money, and help families with only one form of transportation.

Based on past statistics for DUI in Utah, it is anticipated that 10 vehicles a month will be subject to seizure. The condition and age of the vehicle will also influence the prosecution

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