New National Drunk Driving Campaign – Over the Limit. Under Arrest.

NHTSA-DWI/DUIOn August 16 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will unveil its new drunk driving slogan. Titled ‘Drunk Driving: Over the Limit. Under Arrest.’, it replaces the current ‘You Drink & Drive. You Lose.’ campaign.

The new slogan was developed with direction from the American Beverage Institute (ABI). While emphasizing that it is committed to reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road, the ABI noted that the previous slogan did not adequately reflect the fact that responsible drinking and driving is legal in all fifty states. They support the new campaign, with ABI Executive Director John Doyle saying it "helps send a firm but fair message that distinguishes between drunk driving and drinking responsibly. The new slogan recognizes the legitimacy of the 40 million adults who drink responsibly and legally prior to driving."

The American Beverage Institute is a restaurant trade association dedicated to the responsible serving of alcohol to adults. It recommends that the new slogan be coupled with an increase in rolling DWI/DUI patrols, citing that strategy as the most effective in catching repeat DWI/DUI offenders and those who abuse alcohol and drive.

Standard Field Sobriety Test expert Cpl. Jon Gonzales with the Los Alamos, New Mexico Police confirms that "roving patrols are an effective way to catch alcohol abusers because officers can cover a wide spread area throughout the community. DWI/DUI checkpoints are highly visible and once the word gets out, citizens that have been drinking often take alternate routes to avoid the checkpoint."

NHTSA considered a number of slogans before deciding on the new campaign. Doyle offered praise for the selection of ‘Drunk Driving: Over the Limit. Under Arrest.’ as it "is respectful of responsible drinkers while sending a strong enforcement message that is cognizant of the law and clearly targets drunk drivers."

It is the drivers arrested for DWI/DUI with blood alcohol content (BAC) well in excess of the legal limit of .08 that the NHTSA says constitutes the root of the drunk driving problem.

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