New Law Requires Interlock Devices for Some Missouri DWI Offenders

A new law has gone into effect requiring repeat offenders for Missouri DWI to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. The breathalyzer-type device tests the blood alcohol content of the driver and disables the vehicle’s ignition if alcohol above a certain level is detected.

Motorists with one conviction for driving while intoxicated in Missouri will be required to install the devices should they be charged with a second or subsequent offense. The installation of the interlock will be a condition for return of driver’s license.

The typical cost to ‘rent’ an ignition interlock device is $65 per month. Installation is $40 and removal is $35. All costs are borne by the MO DWI offender. According to state records, over 100,000 motorists in Missouri are subject to the mandatory installation of the device.

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