New Law Increases Penalty for Georgia DUI

The General Assembly passed legislation earlier this year increasing the consequences for driving under the influence in Georgia. The new rule aims at severely penalizing repeat drunk driving offenders.

Starting July 1, a fourth arrest for Georgia DUI within 10 years will be filed as an automatic felony. The first two offenses will be misdemeanors and the third will be an aggravated misdemeanor with increased fines. If found guilty, a felony arrest can result in a jail sentence of one to five years.

First time offenders will also be affected by the new law. In addition to enrolling in a driving program, paying fines and completing community service, those charged with drinking and driving in Georgia must undergo an evaluation for alcohol abuse and attend a treatment program.

A state representative hopes the penalties will keep Georgia DUI offenders from
making the mistake again.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Georgia you need a qualified GA DUI Lawyer.

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