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Protecting Your Driving Privileges after a DUI in Blair

Safeguarding Your Rights After a DUI in Washington County

If you were arrested for DUI in Blair or Washington County, Nebraska, it is imperative that you speak with a Washington County DUI attorney as soon as possible. Driving under the influence in Nebraska is a criminal offense subject to severe penalties and many long-term financial and social consequences. Under Nebraska DUI law, you don’t even have to be legally intoxicated to be charged with drunk driving. A law enforcement officer simply needs to presume impairment. To schedule a free initial consultation with Washington County DUI attorney Robb Gage, call (402) 835-5555 right away or simply fill out the consultation form found on this page.

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Fortunately, you still have rights. The sooner you hire a qualified DUI defense attorney, the better the chances of avoiding fines, loss of license and jail. During your arraignment, which is your first court appearance, you should be prepared to inform the court that you have an attorney. This will help with fighting both your criminal case and your license suspension. Time is very important, so don’t delay.

Free Nebraska DUI Consultation with a Washington County DUI Lawyer

Washington County DUI lawyer Robb Gage can make a difference in the outcome of your case. To schedule a review of your specific DUI, call (402) 835-5555 or fill out the consultation request form. Your inquiry is free and confidential.

Being Charged with a DUI in Nebraska

There are two ways to be convicted of driving drunk in Nebraska. The first is to register a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher through a breath or blood test. This establishes a violation of ‘per se’ law.

However, Nebraska does not have a set BAC that needs to be exceeded in order to be convicted of DUI, so an officer can initiate an arrest based only on a perception of physical or mental impairment due to alcohol, drugs or a combination of both. Usually field sobriety tests, driving violations and your physical appearance during the traffic stop will be used as ‘evidence’ against you in court.

Your driving skills may not have been affected and your arrest may even have been based on subjectivity. This gives Blair, NE DUI Attorney Robb Gage the opportunity to question the probable cause for the traffic stop, challenge evidence, review equipment maintenance and calibration records and review the arrest record for errors in procedure and policy.

The goal is to make the prosecution prove its point beyond a reasonable doubt. If it cannot, there is a chance of getting your charges reduced, or your case diverted or even dismissed.

Your Driver’s License Suspension

After an arrest for driving under the influence in Washington County, Nebraska, the Department of Motor Vehicles has the authority to suspend or revoke your driver’s license. This is an administrative case filed in civil court, and different from the criminal case. It is still important to have legal representation, as evidence and testimony will be presented with the intent of taking away your license.

You can petition for an appeals hearing in an effort to keep your driving privileges. You must request a hearing within 10 days of the date of your arrest or your license will be automatically suspended.

Having legal guidance can help. For immediate help with your license, contact Washington County DUI Attorney Robb Gage and ask him to petition for a hearing and represent you. You only have 10 days, so call now.

Penalties for Drunk Driving in Nebraska

If convicted of driving under the influence in Nebraska, a first offense can result in fines of up to $2,000, a three day to six-month jail sentence, loss of driver’s license for three months to one year and loss of auto insurance that will have to be replaced with very expensive, high-risk coverage. The fines and penalties increase with each subsequent conviction, with a third offense being filed as a felony.

A conviction for DUI would mean having a criminal record, which could lead to loss of existing job and difficulty finding future employment. You may be kept from renting a car or opening a credit account. Canada restricts entry to those with a criminal history, even if it is for a misdemeanor and especially if it involves drunk driving.

Each case is unique and results cannot be guaranteed, though Washington County DUI lawyer Robb Gage will fight your charges and try to keep your record clean. Protect your future and contact him today.

Washington County DUI Attorney Robb Gage

Washington County DUI attorney Robb N. Gage practices civil and criminal law, and has provided successful drunk driving defense to numerous clients in Eastern Nebraska. In addition to professional legal skills, he extends personal service through the duration of the case. Robb Gage is keenly interested in getting the best possible result for your case.

Blair DUI lawyer Robb Gage received a triple-major degree from William Jewell College and attended Oxford University in England for a school year. He earned a juris doctorate from the University of Nebraska Law School, where he was member of the national finalist Nebraska Moot Court Team.

Washington County DUI attorney Robb Gage has helped countless clients fight their DUI charges. For professional and experienced DUI defense, call right away to schedule your free consultation with DUI attorney Robb Gage.

Call Now For a Free Consultation with a Washington County DUI Attorney

To request a free no obligation consultation and to begin getting the help you need with your DUI, contact Washington County DUI attorney Robb Gage by filling out the form or calling (402) 835-5555. Your inquiry is completely confidential.

"Great service and representation. From the start of my experience, Robb was there helping me and giving me advice. He always answered when I called with questions. Without Robb's representation, my punishment could have been very harsh. I would recommend him to anyone that needs DUI a attorney."

"I contacted Rob within a few days of being cited, as he was recommended by a good friend. Rob was able to help me file an ALR and get my permanent license back before my temporary one expired, which also allowed Rob to ensure I had the right court date, and judge, for my situation since time was no longer a main factor. Secondly, Nick and Rob both discussed my concerns with me several times over the phone and helped me be prepared for my court date by having my alcohol evaluation and AA meetings completed in advance. The day of my court hearing, Rob did have other client's he needed to attend to; however, throughout the most nerve racking 30 minutes of my life and afterwards, Rob talked with me one-on-one discussing what was going on. (I ask a lot of questions!) Due to my preparedness, recommended by Rob and Nick, and Rob's discussions with the prosecutor, Rob was able to get my DUI dropped to Willful Reckless Driving, even with an accident being involved. I cannot thank Rob and Nick enough for their help through my recent situation and would recommend him to anyone who asked for a DUI lawyer."

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