Nearly Nude Drunk Driver Gets DWI

Nearly Nude Drunk Driver Gets DWI

New Jersey 101.5 reported that a drunk driver, Catherine Giaquinto, received various charges for a DWI. Giaquinto, who is 36 years old, “was allegedly drunk and wearing only an unzipped jacket when she crashed her car into a stone retaining wall in northwestern New Jersey and then drove off.” Sources stated that the DWI accident happened on Friday by the Sussex County community in Sparta Township, New Jersey.

It was reported that a Sparta Township police officer immediately responded to the accident and was able to stop the car only moments after the crash occurred. Giaquinto, who is a local from Warwick, told police personnel that “she couldn’t remember the accident or where she was going.” It was stated that “after noticing some clothes in her car, officers asked Giaquinto to get dressed, which she did after several minutes.” There was no other information released about Giaquinto’s case and it is undetermined whether she hired a lawyer. In addition, no phone number information was found for her.

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