Naked Drunk Driver Hits Her Naked Fiancé with Car

Naked Drunk Driver Runs Her Car Into Her Naked Fiancé

On Thursday morning, a naked drunk driver ran her car into her naked fiancé. The unidentified 22-year-old woman struck Alberto Giovanni Bravo with a Honda Civic just past midnight on Phelan Road. Bravo allegedly got out of the car and the woman moved into the driver’s seat. When Bravo walked in front of the car, the woman accelerated and hit him. Bravo landed on the hood and she quickly hit the brakes and lost control of the vehicle.

The car then sped across the street until it crashed into a chain-link fence. Bravo suffered major injuries after being thrown from the hood; he was airlifted to Antelope Valley hospital and the woman suffered minor injuries, and was taken to Desert Valley Hospital.

The woman was arrested for felony DUI causing injury. She is currently in Victor Valley Jail. “Part of this investigation is of a sensitive nature and still under investigation,” said CHP spokesman Matt Hunt. “Until that portion of the investigation is cleared up, we will be holding off on releasing the name.”

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