MSU Frats Call for Alcohol Ban

MSU FratIs The Future Dry for Michigan State

Free Press Special Writer

EAST LANSING — Three MSU fraternities aim to be alcohol-free by the
year 2000. And some dare suggest the campus itself — known for party
guzzling — might someday ban alcohol from dorms and student

“If we were to eventually go to substance-free housing, or dry houses,
I can see the university using us as a prime example,” said Kelli
Milliken, president of MSU’s Panhellenic Council of fraternities and

Going dry won’t happen overnight, but alcohol will be a topic this
weekend as some of MSU’s 3,000 fraternity and sorority members meet with
national representatives and school officials to ponder ways to dispel
the image of greek houses as drunken party dens.

One frat house, Phi Gamma Delta, is already dry. Two others — Phi
Delta Theta and Sigma Nu — have been asked by their national
organizations to dry out by 2000.

In recent months, fraternities and sororities nationwide have received
much attention for drinking exploits.

A 1996 MSU report found that its students drink more than the national

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