Motorized Chair from Minnesota DWI Case Sells on eBay

A motorized chair built by Dennis LeRoy Anderson gained notoriety after he was busted for driving while intoxicated in Minnesota last year. The recliner is powered by a lawnmower engine and features a stereo, cup holders, headlights a nitrous oxide power boost system and a parachute.

Anderson had a blood alcohol content more than three and a half times the legal limit for intoxication when he struck a parked car in August 2008 on his way home from a bar. The 62-year old man from near Duluth eventually pleaded guilty to MN DWI, and the Proctor Police Department impounded his special chair. As allowed under Minnesota DWI law, the police placed the chair on eBay, with all proceeds going to the police department. They had received bids over $43,000 before it was revealed that the chair was not a ‘La-Z-Boy’ brand as initially advertised, so the bidding started again.

The new winning bid was for $10,099.99.

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