Motorcyclist Gets DWI After Bike Lights on Fire

Motorcyclist Gets DWI After Bike Lights on Fire

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that a drunk driver, Richard D. Schuldes, received a DWI after his motorcycle caught on fire along Route 104 in Rochester over the weekend. The New York State Police stated that Schuldes, who is 58 years old, tried to put the fire out while he was being stopped. Schuldes was allegedly trying to start his motorcycle, as smoke was still coming from the bike, when he was apprehended by troopers.  It was approximately 7 p.m. when he was spotted on the westbound shoulder lane of Route 104 near Hudson Avenue. A witness driving past the incident reported the situation to some troopers that were directing traffic near the area. Schuldes received legal charges for DWI and driving a vehicle without a driver’s license. In addition, according to City Court records, he was also ticketed for  refusal to take a breath test. He was scheduled for a court hearing on Monday.

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