Motorcyclist Gets $500,000 Bond For DWI Fatality

Motorcyclist Gets $500,000 Bond For DWI Fatality

KGBT-TV reported that in Brownsville, Texas, a DWI motorcyclist allegedly killed a bicyclist in a fatal Tuesday morning accident. The drunk driver, Victor Manuel Zamora, was driving his motorcycle near Price Road and rear-ended 48-year-old bicyclist Jon Marc Rangel. According to the news story, Rangel died at the scene of crime. Legal authorities highly suspect that Zamora was DWI. Zamora, 43 years old, was arrested and received charges for DWI manslaughter. Earlier today, he spoke with a Municipal Court Judge and was given a $500,000 bond. No information, regarding the health or legal status, of Zamora was released.

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