Mother and Baby Recover From Critical Condition After DUI Crash

Mother and Baby Recover From Critical Condition After DUI Crash reported updates on their blog about the health of Elias and Karina Schulte, the victims involved in a Seattle DUI crash that occurred earlier this month. Elias, a one month old baby, and his mother, Karina, were the only survivors from the accident. They were crossing a Seattle street along with Elias’ grandparents, who were killed, when a drunk driver (Mark Mullan) hit them with his car. Elias and Karina were taken to the hospital under critical condition and are still receiving medical care. It was stated that Elias received brain damage, while Karina suffered from a fractured pelvis and hip, and torn ligaments in one of her knees. Dan Schulte, Karina’s husband, told sources that after being at the hospital for several weeks now, both Karina and Elias have improved. He commented, “Elias is now breathing on his own, without the breathing tube…he looks and acts just like a newborn should…his cries are a little softer and squeakier than if he were at his best, it’s clear he’s trying to jump start his recovery too.” It was noted that the family has received about $63,000 in donations from individuals from all over the nation that are supporting them. Although Mullan has continued to plead “not-guilty” for his DUI and vehicular homicide charges, prosecutors are working very diligently to punish him. If convicted, he faces a sentence range of 15 to 19.5 years in prison, but prosecutors are pushing for a longer sentence.

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