Montana Introduces Special DUI Vehicle

The Montana State Police have announced a new vehicle that will help them crack down on drunk driving. A Mobile Impaired Driving Assessment Center allows police to position law enforcement resources close to large events being held across the state.

Even the size and color of the vehicle are meant to be imposing, reminding the public that the highway patrol is active in the area. The black, 40-foot long vehicle acts as a remote police station with a blood alcohol content testing station, refrigerated storage for blood samples, a temporary holding area, toilets and computer access.

The special vehicle will be deployed at major events in areas without a readily accessible courthouse or jail. Targeted venues will include concerts, rodeos, sporting events and the famed Testicle Festival. Two officers will staff the vehicle and patrol cars will transport suspected drunk drivers to the center for testing and processing.

Currently it can take as long as four hours to process a single Montana DUI case in rural areas. The new vehicle will allow police to arrest drunk drivers more quickly and efficiently. Montana ranks high in the number of alcohol related injuries, partly because of its remote roads and partly due to a prevailing ‘wild west’ attitude towards drinking and driving.

The mobile unit was purchased with a $250,000 federal grant. The state patrol plans to start use of the vehicle in the middle of summer.

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