Model Still Eligible for Pageant Despite DWI Arrest

Model Still Eligible for Pageant Regardless of DWI Arrest

Miss University of ArkansasDash cam video of beauty queen Sarah Gafvert’s DWI arrest has been released. The 21-year-old was crowned Miss University of Arkansas on October 21, despite having been arrested for DWI on September 26. She was charged with a DWI after allegedly failing several field sobriety tests and violating traffic laws. Pageant personnel declared Gafvert eligible for competition. Gafvert did alert pageant officials of her arrest and that her case was pending, and that she was fighting her charges.

Gafvert was stopped by a police officer for suspicion of drunk driving. The arresting officer said that “she had bloodshot and watery eyes and slurred speech…her car gave off an odor of intoxicants…” Her blood alcohol level registered at .13%, which violated the legal limit of .08%. She was apprehended and taken to Washington County Detention Center at 3:37a.m., and was released on a bond of $1,200. She will be summoned to a hearing at Fayetteville City Court next Monday. As for now, she faces misdemeanor DWI charges as well as charges for driving with an expired driver’s license and failure to use turning signal device.

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