Minnesota’s Largest and Most Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm

Minnesota’s Largest and Most Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm

Why Choose Halberg Criminal Defense in Minnesota?

Criminal Defense Experience

Halberg Criminal Defense is Minnesota’s Largest and Minnesota’s Most Experienced criminal defense law firm.

Halberg Criminal Defense has over 130 combined years of criminal law trial experience to create a powerhouse law firm that supports each attorney in the full defense of your case.

The firm’s practice is exclusively focused on criminal defense.

Established Reputation in Minnesota

Halberg Criminal Defense annually receives numerous awards and individual recognition for ethical and vigorous defense of people accused of criminal activity.

Halberg Pioneer Press

Halberg Criminal Defense is recognized within the legal community for excellence in legal services. In addition to handling many of the “high-profile” cases in Minnesota they pride themselves in the discrete legal assistance they can provide to all Minnesota citizens experiencing criminal difficulties. Individually, each lawyer has earned numerous awards. Proudly, Halberg Criminal Defense has earned Martindale Hubbell’s highest “AV Preeminent” rating. This ranking is a significant rating accomplishment- a testament to the fact that the firm’s peers rank it at the highest level of professional excellence. This award is based upon legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, judgment, communication ability, and legal experience.

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The firm prides itself on approaching each case as a team. By pooling the collective knowledge and unique perspectives of each attorney they maximize the potential for successful results. The Halberg Defense attorneys continuously receive successful resolutions for their clients. The government agency prosecuting you has virtually limitless resources at their disposal. As Halberg Criminal Defense is the largest criminal defense firm in the state they have the ability to aggressively confront the Government and not be intimidated by its authority.

The attorneys use the most advanced methods available to assist in your defense. The combination of their access to the latest legal research tools, highly skilled investigators, established experts, and the earned respect of prosecutors and judges state-wide, they assure you that you have hired the right defense team.

Ramsey County DUI Lawyers at Halberg Criminal Defense

The DUI Attorneys at Halberg Criminal Defense


Marsh Halberg, St. Paul DUI Lawyer

Minnesota DUI Lawyer Marsh HalbergThroughout his 30 year career, Ramsey County DUI lawyer Marsh Halberg has tried thousands of criminal court trials, over 100 criminal jury trials and has gained valuable experience in all types criminal litigation. His experience and success has earned him the title of Super-Lawyer by his peers annually since 1997. He was also added to the list of Who’s Who in Criminal Law and honored as a member of Outstanding Lawyers of America. Before receiving his Juris Doctorate at Hamline University School of Law, he earned his undergraduate degree at St. Olaf College. St. Paul DUI attorney Marsh Halberg is also one of the most requested speakers on criminal law issues at Continuing Education lectures. He has supervised more than 15,000 criminal cases annually as Chief Prosecutor for the City of Edina, Minnesota and the Metropolitan Airports Commission. Marsh Halberg is also the editor-in-chief of the most comprehensive DWI source book used by attorneys throughout the state, The Minnesota DWI Deskbook, and assists in the training of newly appointed State District court judges. He has authored numerous training manuals and seminar materials pertaining to criminal law and still remains active in volunteer, charitable, and civic organizations serving Carver County and the City of Chaska. As you can see, St. Paul DUI attorney Marsh Halberg not only has decades of experience in criminal and DUI law but has been recognized throughout the State of Minnesota as an attorney that can be relied on for guidance and superior legal representation.

Minnesota DUI Lawyer Eric NelsonSince the start of his career, Ramsey County DUI attorney Eric Nelson has earned a reputation as a skilled DUI lawyer with a record of success. He is experienced in representing clients in hundreds of DUI cases. He received his undergraduate degree at Eastern College, cum laude, before earning his Juris Doctorate at Hamline University School of Law. Minnesota DUI attorney Eric Nelson has been named Super-Lawyer Rising Star by his peers and added to the list of Who’s Who in Criminal Law. He also speaks regularly at lectures on various criminal topics throughout the entire State of Minnesota. Along side Marsh Halberg, he was also a contributing author to the Minnesota DWI Deskbook.

Minnesota DUI Lawyer Tina ApplebyFor nearly 30 years, Ramsey County DUI attorney Tina Appleby has earned a reputation throughout Minnesota as one of the premier female attorneys with a long record of success in dismissals and jury acquittals in over 2,000 cases. She conducts Continuing Legal Education seminars on the subjects of DUI and expungements to other attorneys frequently. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota and went on to earn her Juris Doctorate at Hamline University School of Law. She has also been added to the list of Who’s Who in Criminal Law for her outstanding and aggressive legal representation. St. Paul DUI attorney Tina Appleby believes it is most important that her clients know she did everything possible and reasonable to reach the best outcome for their case and enjoys seeing past clients whose lives are back on track.

Minnesota DUI Lawyer Doug HazeltonDoug Hazelton, Ramsey County DUI attorney, has focused his legal skill and experience exclusively on DUI offenses for 15 years. He received his bachelor’s degree at Antioch College before earning his Juris Doctorate at William Mitchell College of Law. He was also one of only two attorneys to graduate from the prestigious Borkenstein program in the study of alcohol breath testing at Indiana University in the entire state. He regularly lectures on a local and national level on topics including DUI defense. He has also had several of his articles published in publications such as Criminal Defense Techniques, the Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Report and the Hennepin Lawyer. His success over the years has earned him the title of Super-Lawyer by his peers and he was also added to the list of Best Lawyers in America.

Minnesota DUI Lawyer Lee OrwigLee Orwig, Ramsey County DUI attorney, has a unique history in criminal law that sets him apart from most other attorneys throughout the state. Before practicing law, he mediated in numerous Hennepin County courts and worked for the Ramsey County judiciary. He has experience in felony, misdemeanor, and gross misdemeanor cases. He received his bachelor’s at the University of Wisconsin – Madison before earning his Juris Doctorate at William Mitchell College of Law. Notably, he has also been a leader in source code litigation throughout Minnesota. He is also a lead author of the amicus curiae brief pertaining to source code that was submitted to the Minnesota Federal District Court. St. Paul DUI attorney Lee Orwig understands the stress and anxiety that take an emotional toll on a person facing DUI charges and works diligently to see that his clients receive the best possible outcome in court.

Minnesota DUI Lawyer Jeremy KaschinskeRamsey County DUI attorney Jeremy Kaschinske is quickly becoming one of Minnesota’s leading criminal defense lawyers. He successfully argued numerous issues in several state District Courts and the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Before becoming a valuable member of Halberg Criminal Defense, he mediated several Ramsey County Courts and edited legal content at Thomas Reuters. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse before receiving his Juris Doctorate at Hamline University School of Law. St. Paul DUI attorney Jeremy Kaschinske is highly skilled and experienced in all levels of DUI crimes. He has also served as a mock trial judge throughout Minnesota. He understands that criminal charges or convictions can be devastating to a person’s future prospects which is why he goes above and beyond for all of his clients.

Dave Risk

Dave Risk began his career as a public defender in Ramsey County after he finished law school, where he placed seventh in his class. Two years later, he was teaching DUI defense courses to attorneys and in 2005, he joined a private criminal defense law firm where he focused much of his work in DUI and Implied Consent cases. He has been named a “SuperLawyer Rising Star” eight times and he is one of only a handful of attorneys in the state who has been certified as an operator on the Intoxilyzer 5000 EN and the DataMaster DMT-G.

Christina M. Zauhar

Christina Zauhar obtained her law degree from Hamline University School of Law. She worked in many realms of the criminal justice system prior to joining Halberg Criminal Defense. She served as a Ramsey County Guardian ad Litem in juvenile court, a mediator in Ramsey, Hennepin, St. Louis, and Carlton counties, and also clerked for several prestigious law firms in the Twin Cities. Ms. Zauhar also worked as an associate in the Risk and Fraud department of Thomson Reuters. She holds a Certificate in Advocacy and Problem Solving. This certification includes alternative dispute resolution coursework and other practices such as mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.

Debbie Lang

Before moving to private legal practice, Debbie Lang worked in a City Attorney’s Office in Anoka County and later represented thousands of clients charged with criminal offenses in the Ramsey County court system. Her representation achieved successful results in cases of domestic assault, drug possession/sale, criminal sexual conduct, and homicide. She has handled countless DUI cases with findings of not guilty or reduced charges. Debbie is a requested speaker on diverse criminal law topics. She has been an adjunct professor at Hamline University within the Legal Studies department for years. In 2012, Debbie was voted a Rising Star by SuperLawyers. She is also a member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (MSCJ), a very selective organization of only 50 Minnesota criminal defense attorneys. Debbie Lang has earned a reputation as an attorney who will vigorously advocate for her clients to obtain positive results and to ensure her client’s constitutional rights are not violated.

Minnesota DUI Laws

The State of Minnesota has established that driving while intoxicated or DWI, as the act of driving while impaired by prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or alcohol. Many states also refer to this as a DUI or driving under the influence, which is similar to a DWI because they both refer to the charge of driving with a blood alcohol level equal to or exceeding .08%. You can also be charged with DWI should you exhibit impairment to the degree that you are no longer operating your vehicle safely. However, it is important to know that you can still be charged with a DWI even if your blood alcohol level is below .08% based on observations made by the arresting officer. Under Minnesota law, when a person is issued a driver’s license, they have automatically given their implied consent to have their blood alcohol content checked if requested by an officer. If the person refuses the chemical test to establish their BAC level, they could face additional charges and penalties. Consult a Minnesota DUI attorney to find out about all potential penalties you may face.

The Ramsey County DUI attorneys at Halberg Criminal Defense understand the enormous stress that can weigh down a person facing DUI charges. If you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge, you could risk large fines, probation, loss of driver’s license, jail time and a criminal record. While nobody would want to face any of these penalties, Halberg’s DUI attorneys understand how damaging a criminal record can be to your future prospects and will work around the clock to see that your charges are reduced or dismissed.

  • Halberg Criminal Defense was named “Best Law Firm” by US News and World Report
  • Largest criminal defense law firm in Minnesota with more than 120 years of combined criminal trial experience
  • Track-record of success handling drunk driving cases in Minnesota
  • Attorney Jeremy Kaschinske is one of four Minnesota defense attorneys who is certified on the DMT Breath Machine
  • Free Consultation to discuss your DUI case when you call (612) 424-7644 or when you fill out the consultation request form to the left

With nine attorneys and a combined 130 years of experience, Halberg Criminal Defense has become one of the leading DUI defense firms in Minnesota. Their unique blend of knowledge and skill has earned them a history of success that has earned them the highest possible AV rating from Martindale Hubbell. Their firm also has two certified Intoxilyzer operators that has given them a better understanding of the machines functionality and accuracy when defending clients in court. Their legal team of Ramsey County DUI attorneys consists of former assistant county attorneys and 3 former city prosecutors. They were honored when U.S. News and World Reports Best Law Firms Edition named them as one of the Best Law Firms and ranked them First Tier in DUI Defense.

Penalties for a DUI in Minnesota

The State of Minnesota has established four judicial levels of severity for DWI charges and they are:

  1. Fourth Degree DWI – This is a misdemeanor charge punishable by up to 90 days jail time and a $1,000 fine (for a driver’s first impaired driving offense within ten years with no aggravating factors or test refusal).
  2. Third Degree DWI – This is a gross misdemeanor punishable with up to 1 year jail time and a $3,000 fine (for a driver’s second impaired driving violation within ten years or first violation with an aggravating factor or test refusal).
  3. Second Degree DWI – Gross misdemeanor. For a driver’s third impaired driving violation within ten years or second violation with test refusal or one other aggravating factor. Also includes first such violation with two aggravating factors.
  4. First Degree DWI – This is a felony charge, punishable by up to 7 years jail time and a $14,000 fine. For the driver’s fourth impaired driving violation within 10 years or anytime following a prior felony DWI or criminal vehicular operation conviction.

The degree with which a person is charged depends on various factors surrounding their case including the number of past offenses within a ten year period and refusal to submit to a blood or breath test. Having a blood alcohol level of .20% or higher and also having a minor below the age of 16 could also influence the degree charged. Regardless of the charge, should you be convicted of a DUI, you could risk facing large fines, higher auto insurance, loss of drivers license, mandatory attendance in a chemical dependency group or jail time. Having a criminal record could dramatically affect a persons job status, future employment opportunities and even their credit score. With so much at stake, it is important that you have a skilled, experienced St. Paul DUI attorney that will aggressively protect you and your future in court. St. Paul DUI attorney Marsh Halberg has the knowledge and experience to see that you are treated fairly and honestly.

Administrative Sanctions for a DUI in Minnesota

In addition to criminal penalties incurred from a DUI arrest are three administrative sanctions that can go into effect immediately upon arrest. They are an administrative license revocation, administrative license plate impoundment, and an administrative vehicle forfeiture.

The Administrative License Revocation pertains to the implied consent law during the arrest process where a person’s license may be withdrawn should they fail a chemical blood or breath test or refuse to submit to the test. However, the person can appeal the license revocation either judicially in court or administratively through the DPS. Having a skilled St. Paul DUI attorney like Marsh Halberg to assist you in this matter could greatly increase the chance of a successful appeal.

Another sanction is the Administrative License Plate Impoundment which involves a violation with an aggravating factor. Plate impoundment applies to the vehicle used in the impoundment violation and any vehicle registered, owned or leased in the name of the offender, whether its alone or jointly.

Administrative Vehicle Forfeiture is another sanction that typically applies to a person’s third DWI violation within ten years. The vehicle forfeiture is conducted administratively, although, the owner has 30 days to appeal the sanction by filing for a judicial determination of the forfeiture.

To fully understand your charges and penalties you could face, it is beneficial to consult with someone who knows Minnesota law like an St. Paul DUI attorney that works in this field.

For Top Tier DUI legal representation, contact Marsh Halberg at Halberg Criminal Defense

St. Paul DUI attorney Marsh Halberg and his legal team have all been recognized by their peers in Minnesota for their first class legal representation. Halberg Criminal Defense’s St. Paul DUI attorneys are the leaders in DUI education and defense throughout the state. If you or someone you know is facing drunk driving charges, call Marsh Halberg now at (612) 424-7644.