Mike Krusee's Texas DWI Charge Set for Court

Texas State Representative Mike Krusee is to appear in court Wednesday, July 9th to face charges of Driving While Intoxicated in Austin, Texas. This is the first hearing for Krusee since his April 30, 2008 DWI arrest. Under Texas DWI laws, as outlined on DWI.COM, he has the option of pleading guilty or no contest if he wished to seek a plea agreement with prosecutors. If he pleads not guilty then his DWI defense

Krusee was stopped in north Austin for weaving in his black BMW. He was also driving with an expired vehicle registration. After Texas Department of Public Safety officers detected alcohol and blood shot eyes Krusee was asked to perform a field sobriety test, which he reportedly failed. He refused to submit to a breath test and was booked for drunken driving in Texas.

Krusee, a Republican who championed stronger Texas DWI laws while on the House Transportation Committee, faces 180 days in jail and a $4,000 fine. His DWI attorney indicated that Krusee will not accept a plea deal and will fight the drunk driving charges filed against him.

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