Michigan Man Arrested For Driving Drunk On Wheelchair

Michigan Man Arrested For Driving Drunk On Stolen Wheelchair

Earlier this year on May 27th, Utica police arrested a man for driving drunk on a motorized wheelchair, that he stole from his neighbor, James Konkel. Raymond Kulma, 55, failed to pass several field sobriety tests and had a blood alcohol level of .241% which is 3 times the state’s legal limit. Apparently, Kulma was involved in a fight with his neighbor who said, “He threw a punch so I threw one back. But then I left, and police found him on my wheelchair”.

This is Kulma’s seventh arrest related to drunk driving and would technically be referred to as OWI(operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated) as opposed to DUI(driving under the influcence). Police Chief David Faber said, “He has quite the history and quite the drinking problem”. Kulma has had his driver’s license suspended 4 times and revoked 6 times due to his prior drunk driving arrests. Konkel did not press charges and says, “Sounds like he needs to spend some time in jail; maybe he’ll learn his lesson”. If convicted of OWI, Kulma could face jail time, another license suspension and a fine of up to $5,000.

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