Michael Turner Arrested For DUI

Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons Running Back Arrested For DUI

Michael Turner, a running back with the Atlanta Falcons was arrested for DUI just hours after his team won 27-21 over the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. On September 17, Turner was arrested for DUI while driving in Gwinnett County, Georgia and booked at the county jail around 5 in the morning. The running back was released after a few hours in jail on a $2,179 bond. It is likely that Michael Turner was initially pulled over for a routine traffic stop since he is also being charged with speeding.

Mike Smith, the head coach for the Falcons said, “We’re aware of the situation with Michael, but it’s really not appropriate to comment on it” and “We’ll keep the communication internal with myself and Michael, and we’ll deal with it as it progresses“. Generally, the NFL has been known to discipline players for legal issues outside the league but commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that disciplinary action is usually considered after the legal process has run its course. This would most likely leave Turner available to play for the remainder of the 2012 season since a trial and sentencing could last well into 2013. Michael Turner signed on to the Falcons in 2008 with a 6 year, $34 million contract of which he is currently in his 5th season of.

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