Michael Madsen Arrested DUI In Tampa

Michael Madsen Arrested DUI In Tampa

Michael Madsen Arrested DUI In Tampa

Michael Madsen, one of Hollywood’s best “bad guy” actors was arrested for DUI on Wednesday, September 12. The actor best known for his roles in Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs was caught driving erratically in his Pontiac GTO in Malibu. Madsen’s blood alcohol level was .21%, more than double the state’s legal limit of .08%. His defense attorney Perry Wander said that the actor has been on prescription medication that may have affected the results of his sobriety test.

After his arrest, Michael Madsen began to complain of an undisclosed medical problem and was taken to a nearby hospital and has been released since then. Madsen has had legal problems before and last march he was arrested at his home in Malibu for what authorities say was a drunken fight with his son, although he was never prosecuted for lack of evidence. The actor has apparently struggles with alcohol abuse for years and his lawyer, Perry Wander states, “His nemesis is white wine…Obviously he’s going to have to utilize this experience to motivate him to get help. It’s an ongoing battle“.

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