Melrose Place Actress Amy Bovenizer Sentenced For DWI

Melrose Place Actress Amy Bovenizer Sentenced For DWI

amy bovenizerMelrose Place actress Amy Bovenizer was sentenced to 3 years in prison on February 14, 2013 after being found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and assault by auto. In June of 2010, Bovenizer was involved in a fatal DUI accident that killed Helene Seemen and critically injured her husband Fred. The sentence was considered a lighter sentence given the fact that Bovenizer could have served 5-10 years in prison had she been convicted of vehicular homicide, not manslaughter. Superior Court Judge Robert Reed noted in his decision that he didn’t feel sympothy for Bovenizer, although, he decided on the 3 year sentence due to the fact that the Melrose Place actress has a young daughter that’s fighting Crohn’s disease.

Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano will be appealing the decision and said “It is the position of this office that the judge mistakenly applied the law in sentencing this defendant. The filing of this appeal is the very least, we believe, to which the victim’s family is now entitled“. Both Ford Seemen and his son, Ford, shouted at Judge Reed for what they believed to be an unjust sentence. Fred Seemen, who could hardly control his outrage, shouted “Having a sick child doesn’t give you a pass to kill my wife!“. Before the sentencing, Amy Bovenizer said that she would spend the rest of her life making sure people understand the consequences of drinking and driving. In an apologetic statement, the actress said “I hope you believe that I never intentionally set out to put anyone at risk that night. Please know that the reality that I did cause you such loss haunts me every day and it will continue to for the rest of my life”.

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