Mel Gibson Seeks to Have California DUI Expunged

Mel Gibson has filed a Motion to Dismiss with the Los Angeles Superior Court in an effort to put his infamous California DUI case behind him.

Gibson was arrested in Malibu California for driving under the influence on July 28, 2006. During the arrest, he went on an anti-Semitic rant. He entered a no contest plea to the CA DUI charges. He was sentenced to three years probation, fined $1,300, had his license suspended for 90 days, and was ordered to attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and enroll in an alcohol abuse program.

Gibson’s criminal defense attorney is using a provision of the state penal code in filing the motion to dismiss. The code states that a defendant who has completed the terms of his/her probation to change the initial plea and ask a judge to “dismiss the accusations or information against the defendant.” It is the discretion of the judge to accept the motion.

A hearing has been scheduled in the Malibu Courthouse for October 6.

Do you need to get your CA DUI expunged?

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