Mayor Gets Arrested For DWI

Mayor Gets Arrested For DWI

CBS Local reported that Monticello, New York’s mayor, Gordon Jenkins, was arrested this past weekend for DWI. On Sunday evening, Jenkins reported to an accident scene to assist in the investigation of a car crash. It was then that a firefighter noticed that Jenkins was acting drunk and informed police officers of it. It was reported that Jenkins was arrested on the spot. He refused to take a breathalyzer test and received charges for a DWI, obstruction of justice, and criminal mischief. The story reported that he allegedly broke a clock inside the police station and spent Saturday night handcuffed to a chair in the police headquarters before being released on $2,500 bail.Carmen Rue, one of the mayor’s leading critics and Village Trustee, noted that this is not the first time that Jenkins has problems with the law. She stated, “I really call at the mayor to resign…he cannot perform his duty…as a mayor.” Jenkins was scheduled to appear in court on Friday for his DWI. No further information was released pertaining his legal situation..

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