CEO of Martin Health System gets arrested with DUI in Florida

CEO of Martin Healthy Systems gets arrested for DUI

Mark Robitaille was arrested by a local Stuart police officer for DUI just a couple blocks away from Jensen Beach when he was caught in his white BMW swerving in and out of a bike lane. When the officer had asked him where he was coming from Robitaille had said that he was coming back from the Willoughby Country Club. The officer had also asked him how much he had to drink and Robitaille claimed he had only had two beers.

Robitaille is the CEO of Martin Health Systems, which consists of two hospitals, two MediCenters, an emergency center, and multiple clinics all around the Stuart, Florida area. It serves as a non profit organization for the community that offers a variety of healthcare services.

After his arrest, Mark apologized profusely to his family and all of the Martin Health System organization for his behavior. He stated ““I take full responsibility for my actions,” Robitaille said in a prepared statement. “Most importantly, I am profoundly grateful that this situation did not result in harm coming to anyone else.”

Robitaille is currently going through the legal process of obtaining a DUI after being caught having a blood-alcohol level of 0.151 percent when the legal level is 0.08 percent. It is quite unlikely to see him go through this because of his past exemplary leadership experiences, but it is nevertheless an accident that will cost him, his family, and the entire reputation of Martin Health Systems for quite some time.

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