Maricopa County Pursuing 20,000 Arizona DUI Warrants

Authorities in Maricopa County and Phoenix armed with more than 20,000 warrants are aggressively seeking certain motorists in the court system for driving under the influence in Arizona. The warrants are for those who have been arrested for Arizona DUI and failed to complete actions associated with the crime, like miss a court appearance before a judge or not pay court ordered fines.

The Phoenix Police Department, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Maricopa County Adult Probation have teamed up to serve the warrants, and a command center has been set up on the Arizona State Fairgrounds. Forty officers and authorities are involved with the operation. The main focus is the Memorial Day holiday, though the effort will go on for many weeks. Typically an average of 20 arrests on DUI related warrants are made each week, though, during the crackdown, 50 arrests have been made already this week and more than 100 arrests are hoped for through Monday.

The program has been funded with a grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

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