Rex Altree Arrested Again In Extreme DUI Case in Arizona

Rex Altree Arrested Again In Extreme DUI Case

Rex Altree, 56, who was arrested in September of 2010 and charged with Extreme DUI in Gilbert, Arizona had his case dismissed by submitting video evidence that showed his driving was not consistent with what police reported. However, Altree has been arrested again after the arresting officer in his DUI case submitted his video to a forensic computer analyst and found that it had been altered. According to the results of the forensics exam, the time stamps and dates in the video had been altered in order to vindicate Rex Altree.

With this new evidence, police had probable cause to re-arrest Altree and the Extreme DUI case was resubmitted on September 28, 2012. Now, in even hotter water, Altree could be convicted of tampering with physical evidence, forgery, obstructing a criminal investigation and perjury.

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