Man Imprisoned for DWI and Hitting Police Car

Man Imprisoned for DWI and Hitting Police Car

Man Imprisoned for DWI and Hitting Police Car

This past Sunday, September 25, 2012, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Ronald Bollinger, of age 50, hit Officer James Zeidler’s patrol car with his Chevy Tahoe due to DWI. Officer James Zeidler’s patrol car was hit approximately at 10:40 p.m. while he was on duty. Zeidler was stationed on the southbound lane of Interstate 55, trying to slow down traffic in order to stop a man from jumping the Hopper Street overpass. Police spokesman, Darin Hickey, stated that “Zeidler’s car was positioned on the road with lights flashing when the crash occurred.”

Luckily, Zeidler did not receive any wounds because he was able to get out of the patrol car before it got hit. On the other hand, Hickey claimed that “Bollinger may have received some minor injuries, but refused medical treatment at the scene…he was checked out by medical personnel later after the crash.” Bollinger was immediately arrested for DWI. In addition, he received charges for NOT: yielding to an emergency vehicle, driving within a single lane, and wearing a seat belt. Due to privacy issues, no additional information regarding Bollinger was released.

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