Man Gets Arrested for DWI With Child In Car

Man Gets Arrested for DWI With Child In Car

KXII-TV reported that James Barker, an Oklahoma local, was arrested in Texas’ Grayson County for DWI with his 5 year old daughter riding the backseat. A police officer, Kyle Peck, stated that he was out patrolling Friday night when he saw Barker nearly crashing head on to several cars on State Highway 289. Peck stated that at the time that Barker was out DWI, there was a town high school football game about to end and they needed to stop Barker before he injured anybody coming out of the game.

Barker was stopped in front of a local school, Gunter Primary School, which was about 1 mile from the high school where the football game was taking place. Peck stated, “When I looked at him he just seemed sluggish and slow like, it’s just not a normal response when police come up to your vehicle, so I just asked him to get out of the car.”  Peck gave Barker several field sobriety tests and confirmed that he had taken sedatives. It was at this time that he looked inside Barker’s vehicle and saw his 5 year old girl sleeping on the back seat.

Peck commented, “Driving with a child that age is a felony and I think it fits the charge very well because not only are you endangering yourself and everyone else in the road, you’re endangering your own child by driving like that.” Barker was taken to the Grayson County Jail but was able to get out on a bond. It is most likely that he will have to present himself in court. Luckily, his 5 year old daughter was not hurt during the incident.

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