Man Fakes Death to Get Out of DWI

Man Fakes Death to Get Out of DWI

Carmel, NY-Eight years ago, in an attempt to evade a traffic ticket, William Arksey 53, faked his death. Now he is experiencing the full
consequences of his crime.

After having already been charged with a misdemeanor for drunk driving in 1997, Arksey, formerly of Danbury, Conn., filed a false death certificate and changed his name. He pleaded guilty to charges on Wednesday at the trial in Putnam County, New York.

His case had previously been closed since he did not appear to his trial for the DUI charge in the southeast side of the state. The case was closed because Arksey was reported as dead.

His case was reopened after Arksey was arrested in Pennsylvania and authorities administered a fingerprint check. To their surprise, the fingerprints matched with those of a deceased man named William Peterson-the name of the man before his name change.

Arksey stated to the judge, “I was a different person then…that was, like, eight years ago.” Arksey will serve one year in the county jail.

July 1, 2005

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