Man Driving to Doctor Charged with Florida DUI

Mark Brannon was attempting to drive to a walk-in clinic for treatment of pneumonia when he blacked out. The police officers who responded assumed he was drinking and driving. Despite indicating he was sick and needed help, Brannon was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida and taken to central booking.

Brannon submitted to a breath test and registered a .00% blood alcohol content. Hillsborough County police still charged him with a Florida DUI and would not release him until 2:00 in the morning. Despite having a medical unit at the booking facility, Brannon received no assistance. When he was finally released, Brannon was gasping for air and could hardly walk. A doctor had him immediately admitted to a regional hospital for treatment.

According to Florida DUI attorneys in the area, the Hillsborough County jail and booking facility have a reputation of abuse and an Independent Review Commission is investigating the system. Brannon is reportedly stable though the family is concerned about long term health effects from being denied medical assistance.

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