Man Crashes Into 8 Cars And Gets DUI

Man Crashes Into 8 Cars And Gets DUI

The Sun Sentinel reported that in Pompano Beach, Florida, a man received 10 DUI related charges after crashing into 8 parked cars. The drunk driver, Chace Duncan, was seen by a bystander driving down Northeast Second Terrace in his Ford Explorer ‘at a high rate of speed, then suddenly drive off the road’. The witness informed legal authorities that Duncan was dressed in a bathing suit and T-shirt. When legal officers stopped him, Duncan told them he had been drinking by stating, “I had one but if it smells strong, it’s because my wife kissed me and it rubbed off.”

Duncan was given two breath tests, which read that his blood alcohol content level was .082 and .077, slightly higher than the legal limit of .08. Even though his blood alcohol content level was only slightly higher than the legal limit, he was still arrested and received several DUI charges. The legal report stated that Duncan had difficulty in performing some sobriety tests, and because of physical signs including ‘a moderate aroma of alcohol’ as well as his ‘apparent high level of impairment.’ 

He was taken to Broward’s Main Jail and given a $10,000 bond. Duncan was scheduled for a first-appearance  court hearing on Tuesday morning. According to the news story, he told authorities, “I was just looking for my wife, bro, I don’t know how I hit all those cars.”

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