Man Convicted of Tennessee DUI Wants to Complete Jail Sentence in Germany

A German national being held in an East Tennessee jail for a drunk driving accident that killed a Blountville man has asked to serve his jail sentence in Germany. Wolfgang Christ was sentenced to eight years in state prison last October after pleading no contest to vehicular homicide. He was involved in a crash in May 2006 that killed 33 year old Todd Harr. Christ cited wanting to be closer to his children and family members for the reason for the transfer.

The prosecutor in the case has opposed the request, stating that the offense took place in Sullivan County, it was where the victim in the case resided and where Christ was sentenced. There was a concern that the Tennessee prison system would lose control over Christ’s sentence if he were transferred to Germany. In addition Tennessee’s constitution establishes that victims of crime have the right to be present at all stages of the criminal process, including potential parole hearings. Christ’s sentence includes possible parole after serving 30% of his jail term.

The family of the victim has said that the request for transfer has brought renewed memories of their son and the Tennessee drunk driving incident. They want assurances that Christ remains incarcerated and makes restitution for his actions.

According to prison records, Christ will be eligible for parole on November 20, 2011.

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