Man Charged with Florida DUI after Passing Breath Test

Vincent Tallo was driving home after an evening of dancing with his friend Mary Debenedetta when he was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint in Cape Coral. The 72-year old man told the officer that he had sipped one beer over two hours. The officer required him to perform several field sobriety tests and declared Tallo under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence in Florida.

Tallo requested a breath test and he registered a .000% BAC. The elderly man was then taken to a portable toilet and asked to provide a urine sample. A preliminary result, which tests for 12 drug classifications, revealed something that the police did not like and they proceeded with the arrest for DUI in FL. The official result from the state lab will take some time. Debenedetta told the police that Tallo is a health-nut and doesn’t even take Advil. The Cape Coral police say that they are convinced there was enough indication of impairment to initiate the arrest.

Tallo’s vehicle was impounded, and he and Debenedetta, 62, were forced to walk two miles to her house after midnight. A police sergeant explained that the couple just didn’t ask officers for a ride.

The couple is fighting the charges, and Debenedetta said “I want other people to not go through this ever.”

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