Man Charged with DUI After Post-Election Sign Stealing Spree

On November 6, three men angry over the re-election of President Obama went on a “sign-stealing spree” throughout Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood. Identified by Florida Highway Patrol as Jacob Kupp, David Hatmaker, and Richard Bowen, the men are accused of grand theft and one is being charged with DUI.

The night supposedly began with the three men watching election results at the Stagger Inn located in downtown Orlando. Angry and frustrated over President Obama’s re-election, the men allegedly drove through Parramore shouting racial slurs and vandalizing Obama signs. Then, they stole stop signs, a Lynx bus sign, and a daycare unloading sign.

Dashboard camera video taken by Florida Highway Patrol shows the signs piled in the back of their truck. Jacob Kupp claimed the signs had been “found”, and that they were returning them.

“We were bringing them back. Bringing them back to the police station, I mean, we were drinking,” Kupp told a trooper.

On the video, a dispatcher can be heard speaking of Orlando Police receiving several complaints about the hooliganism by three men in a red truck. Each man is facing four counts of grand theft, one of which is a felony for the grand theft of a stop sign, and Kupp is being charged with DUI.

Kupp’s blood alcohol level measured on a breath machine as .202, which is 2.5 times the legal limit.

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