Man Busted Twice for Colorado DUI

Police in Greeley report a man being busted twice for driving under the influence in Colorado. The second time was after the suspect stole a patrol car.

Adam Segura, 32, was stooped for speeding around 1:30 pm on September 9, and the officer noticed several signs of drinking, including slurred speech and an odor of alcohol. Segura admitted to drinking and he was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Colorado, handcuffed from behind and placed in a squad car. While the arresting officer and aback-up officer were interviewing witnesses, Segura managed to slip out of the cuffs, undo the seat belt and took off in the cruiser. Police pursued Segura for about a mile before he stopped near the entrance to Greeley Mall.

A police spokesperson says it is conducting an investigation but doubts the officer violated any department procedure, noting that there was no cage between the front and back seats. The vehicle was valued at over $20,000 and the special police equipment at another $10,000.

Segura’s blood alcohol content registered 0.26%, more than three times the legal limit for impairment in Colorado. He was booked at the Weld County Jail on a total of 12 charges, including two counts of drunk driving in Colorado, escape, speeding and aggravated vehicle theft.

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