Man Arrested for Arizona DUI After Trying to Steal Flashing Light from Sign

An Arizona man was arrested for trying to steal a flashing red light from a stop sign while a police car was parked nearby.

Nineteen year old Christopher McCollum was driving in Cornville when he stopped around 1:45 early Sunday morning, exited his Ford truck and started shaking a sign post. Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies happened to be parked 30 feet away and they shined a spotlight on McCollum. The deputies heard McCollum, who was on his cell phone, tell the person he was talking to that he was likely to be going to jail for “stealing a stop sign in front of the cops.”

McCollum later explained to the deputies that he had been drinking and was trying to get the flashing light from the sign. His blood alcohol content measured 0.11%.

McCollum was charged with driving under the influence in Arizona, underage drinking and suspicion of theft. He was booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center and held on $1500 bond. He also must post a $15,000 bond from a prior, unrelated case.

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