LSU Student Hits 9 Cars While Intoxicated

An 18-year old Louisiana State University student was charged with drunk driving in Baton Rouge after crashing into nine parked cars and slamming into a local restaurant. Anne Wallace was seen backing up at full speed and hitting four vehicles. She then went forward and hit another five cars. She hit a truck with enough force to drive it into the wall of Koi Sushi on State Street. Wallace’s car also struck the restaurant.

The incident left a 5 foot hole in the restaurant wall, with broken electrical lines and plumbing, and displaced concrete blocks from an adjacent retaining wall. Tables and booths in the restaurant were overturned, but no one was injured.

Wallace had a blood alcohol content of 0.13%. She was booked at the East Baton Rouge Parish jail on charges of driving while intoxicated in Louisiana and failure to maintain a vehicle.

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