Listerine = DUI

Adrian, MI-A woman with a blood alcohol content three times that of the legal limit
pleaded guilty to drunk driving and admitted that she had drunk three
glasses of Listerine.

Carol Ries, 50, was immediately pulled over by police after she
crashed into the back of a car at a stoplight. Ries admitted that she had
consumed Listerine that afternoon, and police in fact found a bottle of
the Pfizer-manufactured mouthwash in the woman’s car.

While her BAC from a Breathalyzer test was lower than the
0.08 legal limit, a second-and less forgiving-test was administered to
her with a different device. It measured her BAC at 0.30.

Listerine contains between 26.9% and 21.6% alcohol, depending on the

Prosecutors have discarded a charge for having an open bottle of
alcohol in the car, but Ries may still have to serve up to 93 days in
Jail and a $500 fine for drunk driving.

January 21, 2005

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