Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan could not make a mandatory court appearance on Thursday, May 20 and the presiding judge issued an arrest warrant for the actress. After a bond of $100,000 was posted for her the same day, the warrant was recalled.

Lohan is facing probation violation stemming from the second of her two infamous arrests for driving under the influence in California. Under the terms of her plea agreement she was to attend an alcohol awareness meeting weekly and report her progress to the court regularly. Lohan has routinely snubbed the court, even showing up two hours late for one early morning appearance.

During the latest development, Lohan claimed that her passport had been stolen or misplaced while in France for the Cannes Film Festival. Lohan’s defense attorney said that paperwork had been filed with police regarding the loss of the passport, and went so far as to say that his client had intended to attend an alcohol education class the very morning of the scheduled May 20 hearing. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel dismissed those claims and issued the arrest warrant, stating that “she (Lohan) has a history of

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