Lindsay Lohan Wrecks Mercedes After Lesbian Charged Fight

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan was arrested for California DUI after a Saturday morning accident on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The young actress and renowned party girl spent Friday night and the early hours of Saturday at several clubs and party houses before getting into her Mercedes SL65 convertible around 5:30 am and promptly crashing it into a curb and a hedge.

Lohan, 20, was at Les Deux nightclub until 3:00 am before heading to a private party house in the Hollywood Hills owned by Koi restaurateur Nick Hawk. Witnesses describe her as quite inebriated when she left for yet another stop at the Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel. She departed that bar around 4:45 am for her condominium. To this point she was being driven by her bodyguard Jaz.

There are reports that DJ Samantha Ronson, who recently has been rumored to be a lover of Lohan’s, walked out of Lindsay’s place around 5:15 am. Lohan, and an unidentified male, followed her in her Mercedes. The two women were witnessed screaming at each other by a paparazzi photographer, and Lohan called Ronson an ‘f-bomb lesbian bitch.’ Ronson then got into the car and Lohan sped off rapidly in her 600 horsepower car, only to veer sharply at an intersection seconds later, hit a curb and crash into a hedge.

Lohan’s bodyguard drove the damaged car back to the condo and Lohan was taken in another car to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries. That is where police found her after a 911 call.

The Beverly Hills Sheriff’s Department has not commented on Lohan’s blood alcohol content. A ‘usable amount’ of cocaine was found in the wrecked car, though it is not clear whether it was carried by Lohan or her passengers.

The case will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office, and Lohan faces several felony charges and a misdemeanor charge of being a minor under the influence. She is due to be arraigned August 24.

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