Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Used in DUI Ad

Lindsay Lohan

The American Beverage Association paid for an ad campaign that challenges one of the penalties for drinking and driving. Whereas drunk driving is a serious crime, arrest statistics show that a growing number of law enforcement agencies are taking a zero tolerance approach to alcohol and are arresting motorists who are not intoxicated. In several states, an arrest for DUI could result in the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device.

Using a mugshot of Lindsay Lohan taken last year during one of her arrests for driving under the influence in California, the print ad states that ignition ionterlock devices are appropriate for repeat offenders, like Lohan, but questions their appropriateness for a low blood-alcohol content, first offender. The ad, which appeared in US Today, attempts to make a visual distinction between the traditional image of a chronic drunk driver, who statistically has a BAC more than twice the legal limit, and the person arrested after having a glass of wine with dinner.

The American Beverage Association represents the liquor and restaurant industries, and it promotes responsible social drinking.

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