Limo Driver Drives Drunk

Limo Driver Charged With Drunken Driving After Prom Ride

EVANS, N.Y. (AP) – It’s a parent’s nightmare: Hire a limo to get the
kids to and from the prom in one piece, and the driver shows up

Police said Paul Dombrowski had a blood-alcohol level of .34, more
than three times the legal limit. Dombrowski, 36, was charged with
drunken driving and endangering the students.

“The kids were hysterical,” Officer Dennis Feldmann said. “They were
begging him to drop them off.”

They ordered him to stop after he narrowly avoided crashing the limo
several times early Saturday, after the prom in this town about 20 miles
from Buffalo.

“I started slapping his cheek. He was just staring out,” 15-year-old
Cory Herc said. “I just reached over, turned off the car and took the

Police said they found an empty one-liter vodka bottle, along with a
half-empty bottle, in the limousine.

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