Lebanon County, PA Buys DUI Bracelets

Motorists convicted of drunk driving in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania will soon have to adjust to a new probation condition. County commissioners approved the purchase of five alcohol detecting ankle bracelets.

Depending on the details of the case, PA driving under the influence defendants may be required to attend alcohol abuse treatment and forgo alcohol as a condition of probation. The special bracelets monitor alcohol emitted through the skin and wearers must log in regularly with a control center. The results of the monitoring are relayed to probation officers. If alcohol is detected, the wearer faces revocation of probation and jail.

The bracelet purchase is being made with funds from a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation grant aimed at helping the Lebanon County DUI court. The commissioners said they may order as many as 25 additional monitoring devices, at a cost of $1,500 each.

Currently Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, York and Lancaster counties have the option of using the alcohol detecting bracelets after Pennsylvania DUI offenses.

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