Florida Lawyer Charged With DUI

Florida Lawyer Charged With DUI

Florida Lawyer Charged With DUI

A reputable West Palm lawyer, William Abramson, was charged with DUI during the dawn hours of Friday. Abramson, who is 40 years old, was driving drunk and involved in a vehicle collision. Sources stated that “West Palm Beach Police arrived at a crash scene at South Quadrille Boulevard and Hibiscus Street…one of the drivers involved in the crash was ‘impaired’.” 

When legal officers arrived at the scene of crime, they witnessed a “gray Dodge 4-door facing north with heavy damage on its front end.” The other car involved in the collision, which was a blue four door vehicle, received minor damages in the rear-end. The officers interviewed Jerickson Santiago, who was the owner of the blue car. Santiago stated that he was hit when he had been “driving north when he turned on his turn signal on to turn right onto Hibiscus Street.” 

It was noted that in 2008, Abramson “ran in a heavily contested race for circuit court judge.”

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