Lawn Mower DUI at 3:00 a.m.

Article published Tuesday, May 3, 2005

DESHLER, Ohio – A Deshler man who admitted he had too much to drink
before he decided to drive home on a riding lawn mower was charged with
drunk driving, authorities said.

Adam Reinbolt, 25, was arrested about 2 a.m. Sunday after the mower went into a ditch on State Rt. 18, just west of Hockenberry Road in Jackson Township, according to Wood County sheriff’s reports.

Mr. Reinbolt said he was driving the mower from a friend’s house to Deshler to mow lawns. When he saw a vehicle approaching from the east, he said he drove to the south side of the road to avoid the vehicle and went into the ditch.

He told the deputy he’d had “too much” beer to drink and subsequently failed field sobriety tests.

Man Riding Lawnmower At 3 A.M. Gets DUI Charge

‘Most Bizarre Call I’ve Ever Had,’ Tow Truck Driver Says

POSTED: 9:09 am EDT June 9, 2005

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A man riding a lawnmower down the street at 3a.m. has been charged with DUI, News 5 reported.

Joseph Mundy told police he got the munchies, so he started out toward the Delhi Kroger store. He was riding down Covedale Avenue in the dark when an officer stopped him.

“He didn’t have headlights, of course, and the officer almost hit him, and he thought it was stolen,” said Delhi Township Cpl. Joe Macaluso. “But he ruled that out real quickly and he realized the munchies got the best of him.”

The officer called a tow truck for the mower.

“This is the most bizarre call I’ve ever had,” said Joe Elliott of Schaffer’s Towing. “It was something you’d see on ‘COPS,’ but not something you go out and do.”

This was Mundy’s first DUI.

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Culpeper Charges Man with DUI–on Mower

Culpeper charges Rixeyville man with driving under the influence of alcohol on Main Street–on a lawn mower.

Date published: 6/10/2005


A Rixeyville man has been charged with driving under the influence of
alcohol on Culpeper’s Main Street–on a lawn mower.

Town police Sgt. Chris Settle was patrolling the 880 block of North
Main Street about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday when he noticed a man on a red
riding lawn mower heading north in the left lane, according to Detective
Richard Brooking.

At one point, the man stopped in the middle of the lane for almost a
minute and carried on a conversation with the driver of a passing
vehicle, Brooking said.

“After Settle watched the man almost get hit by several passing cars,
he put on his emergency lights and pulled the lawn mower over,” the
detective said.

The driver, whom police identified as Jerry Wayne Hawkins, 43, of
Rixeyville Road, told Settle he had been mowing a lawn and was on his way
to a nearby convenience store to get gas, Brooking said.

“At that point, Sgt. Settle suspected the driver was impaired and
administered sobriety tests, which Mr. Hawkins failed,” Brooking

Hawkins was charged with driving under the influence, his second such
charge within a 10-year period, Brooking said.

Hawkins was held on $1,500 bond.

Date published: 6/10/2005

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