Lakers Basketball Player, Devin Ebanks, Gets Arrested for DUI

Lakers Basketball Player, Ebanks, Gets Arrested for DUI

LA Lakers Basketball Player Arrested for DUI

Devin Ebanks, who is a forward player for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, was arrested for a DUI earlier this morning. Records stated that Ebanks, 23 years old, was pulled over in Los Angeles around 3 AM near the Hollywood area. He was apprehended by California police officers and taken to jail, where he was later let out after paying a $5,000 bail. Posts from his Twitter account claimed that he was celebrating a woman’s birthday at the Roxbury night club. Ebanks’ next scheduled court date is December 7, according to booking records.

Sources stated that “it was Ebanks’ second incident with law enforcement in a little more than a year.” Last December, a woman accused Ebanks of sexually assaulting her but prosecutors refused to file charges against him. He originally joined the LA Lakers right out of West Virginia and resigned with them last August for one more year for $1.4 million.

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