Laguna Beach Actor Talan Torriero Pleads Guilty To DUI

Laguna Beach Actor Talan Torriero Pleads Guilty To DUI

talan torrieroTalan Torriero, of Laguna Beach fame, plead guilty to DUI on December 10, 2012 and was sentenced to 3 years probation. Torriero will also have to pay a fine of $390 and participate in a first offender’s program for DUI violators. Torriero was arrested on September 5, 2012 around 12:30 am after an officer caught him making an illegal left turn while driving south on the South Coast Highway.

When the officer began to question Torriero, he suspected the reality star might be intoxicated and conducted a field sobriety test. When Torriero failed the sobriety test, he was placed under arrest. Police also found that Torriero’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level was above the legal limit of .08% at the time of the arrest. Torriero was held overnight and released the next morning around 7 am. Talan Torriero appeared on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County for just one season and has since pursued an acting career and has made several small appearances in a few films.

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